The Wonders of The World
For the spring of 2022, Analix Forever proposes four of the seven Wonders of the World.
The museologist Elena Esen presents her first curated exhibition at Analix Forever, on the
theme of The Hanging Gardens in Atelier AMI, featuring Benoît Billotte, Valérie Horwitz,
Abdul Rahman Katanani, Alberto Lastreto, Daniel Ruggiero & Julien Serve.
In the main gallery, the art historian, art critic and writer Michele Robecchi comes back to
Analix Forever to curate his third exhibition with the gallery, after “Crosswords” and “Carte
Blanche”, now on the theme of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. Robecchi invites video
artists working on animation, thus adding an autonomous visual value to the moving
In the Project Room, Analix Forever features The Colossus of Rhodes, with works by
Turkish photographer and video artist Mimiko Türkkan.
The gallery’s video room is dedicated to Ali Kazma and his film Finnis Terrae, featuring
lighthouses of Ouessant Island and the Finistère region of France as reminiscent of
Alexandria’s lighthouse.

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