Innergy / Watery Incantations
2021, 12’23, 3-channel 4K video, sound, 3 Ed. + 2 A.P.

“Innergy / Watery Incantations” tries to understand the different states of water in different regions by focusing on “flow”. In the work that Mimiko completed in a period of two and a half years, the audio recorded on the “water” images that she shot in 7 different regions (Lake Baikal, Bali, Portuguese shores, Venice, Geneva, Swiss Alps, Turkey) deals with the boundaries, depth, memory and change of consciousness through the relationship between human and water. Proceeding in a flow that the artist refers to as “thinking with water”, the video leads the viewer to imagine the movement/consciousness of the water inside their body.

This project was supported by SAHA within the scope of Covid-19 Sustainability Fund.


To watch on Vimeo, please type nnrgy

Film Stills & Details
Video Voice Over Text

Once upon a time long, long gone,

In a distant past whose very existence is doubtful…


Thereafter in a vague future forthcoming,

Without a single word spoken,

Without a single idea conceived.


A moment of extreme tenderness.

A movement of pure flow.


Ancient cycles

Unknowable timelines


Water flows.

Water’s flow.


Water doesn’t search for its flow.

Water doesn’t doubt it can flow.


Water knows its flow.

Water knows it flows.


Water flows



No sign

No sight

No sound of

Those who believed they were created to man the universe



Silence in my consciousness


Where does the ocean go?

Where does the ocean come from?


The Ocean of my consciousness


A timeline on its own

An ancient timeline

ancient data


A carrier of ancient data


How deep is the ocean?

Unknown and unknowable

How deep is our consciousness?


So many names have been given.

You have been called in

Or cried out by so many names.

You haven’t forgotten.

You remember them all.


Mother Ocean you are called.

A mother you are in our eyes.

Loving, nourishing, accepting

Yet also violently punishing.

A mother assumed to be conquered,

needing to be saved at the present time.


Other sets of eyes in an unknown timeline laid on you,

Saw Father Ocean in you.

One that opens new worlds up, gives us courage.

A mighty one,

Also domineering, destructive,

and at times neglecting.


But you are the embodiment of the flow,

of the flux.


A Reminder of our flowing nature, of our undetermined,

ever-changing, ever flowing identity.

It is time we understand

Your true nature

Your inner Energy

Neither a Mother

Nor a Father

You are the flow of

All there is

All there was

All there ever will be


Only a fragment of you can be seen,

Only a fraction of your being at a time.


What if you were to be perceived through all eyes that see you,

through all limbs that touch you?



I feel you through every cell of my skin.

I desire to feel you through every curvature of my consciousness.


Is this mutual?

Do you already feel

Every and each of us?


You fill the ancient,

Untouched, unseen abysses.


I imagine the highest peaks becoming small islands,

as you flow all around.


I dream of those future days,

And I remember the past ones


You know all the human languages

Spoken once upon a time

Spoken now

And spoken henceforth.


How did we reduce you to a body to be conquered?

How did we divide you?


Do you still bear the fear embedded in the consciousness of those who sunk under fire,

in anger?


Memories of human bodies sinking in fear.


Thinking with water

Flowing with ancient data


Breath swelling with the undulations

Heart pulsating with the waves

Mind resonating with the tides


The rumbling of the waves

The pulsation in my veins


Where does my body end?

Where do our bodies end?

And where do you begin?

Where do yours begin?


Water in the body.

Water bodies.


Water in my body.

Can my body move like the ocean?

Can it flow as such?


Can I breathe like water,

Such as the ocean swells?

With ease,

With the rhythm of the flux.


The ocean of my consciousness

is a drop in the ocean of

All there is

All there was

All there ever will be.

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