Waves of Intention
2023, 5’20, 4K video, sound, 3 Ed. + 1 A.P

Waves of Intention (2023) questions the nature and consequences of the act of ‘setting an intention’. Unlike a wish, an intention is a form of thought that carries active energy; it is a vector, it has a direction and contains the power to carry intentions in that direction. In this respect, an intention can also be considered as setting a thought into the flow, then committing to that flow. Untangling the red thread into the waves, Gözde Mimiko Türkkan refers to a shamanic ritual her grandmother used to perform. The red thread, which gets interwoven with the waves at sunrise, is thrown into the water with the intention to untie the knots that block the life flow of the person for whom the intention is set. While the motive behind this ritualistic action is a positive one, the consequences for marine ecology and ocean life are overlooked. In the video, a free-flow text about the possible consequences of humankind’s delusion of considering itself as the ‘master of the universe’ is given voice by a ‘text-to-speech’ AI, a technology that will perhaps reinforce these repercussions.

Watch on Vimeo (type: intentionalwaves)

Film Stills
Video Voice Over Text

Waves come,

Waves go.

Let them come,

Let them go.

Gentle waves

Monster waves

A thought,

A wave in the universe.

An intention set in the pluriverse,

A wave in the multiverse.

Entrusting intentions to the water,

To the flow, to the waves.

Can our intentions swell through ages and galaxies?

Do they break when they reach their intended shores?

Do they crash into anything on their way?

Do they collide?

Being deep under a wave,

Until its energy is drained.

Waves of entanglement.

Entangled intentions.

What intentions did our matrilines set for their future which led to our present?

What did our matrilines intend for our futures?

DNA waves.

Studying life onboard Captain Cook’s legacy.

Things that cannot be tracked on Google Earth.

Things imperialist measuring units cannot quantify.

The doom of conquerers and explorers.

If deadly is a wave,

If killer is a whale,

Then no words to describe your race.

Deadly waves of your intentions.

The slow violence of your explorations.

Those who died with the waves.

Pulling me from my ankle like the leash of my surfboard,


The leash of my intentions 

is floating, drowning.

Killer mammal,

Killer father of all.

The ones who dared to name them all.

Can you stop being explorers and conquerers?

Being one of the firsts, the mosts, the lasts, the furthests and the highests.

When will it ease?

When all heights conquered?

When all depths discovered?

When all land populated?

When all waves ridden?

Crawling between millions of tons of ice.

Fragile ice.

Crushed under a tsunami of ill-intentions.


Intentional waves

Trapped in permafrost.

Yet the day comes

When you shall

Breathe them

Imbued with methane.

Riding the waves of oil tankers,

Crashing with the lost containers of the great oceans.

Surfing plastic waves,

Dead corals scratching your face.

You are the light from a dead star.

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