earth fight, 2022



Earth Fight 2022 4’45, 4K video, sound 3 Ed. + 1 A.P

Floods, landslides, wildfires… Damages that arise as a result of natural processes, profit-centred decisions, human errors or overly intrusive interventions made in an effort to repair in the aftermath… ‘Earth Fight’ reflects on these entanglements as climate emergencies are declared worldwide.

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Type: rthfght

innergy / watery incantations, 2021



Innergy / Watery Incantations 2021 12’23, 3-channel 4K video, sound 3 Ed. + 2 A.P.

This project was supported by SAHA within the scope of Covid-19 Sustainability Fund.

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Type nnrgy

how to destroy an artwork, 2021



How to Destroy an Artwork 2021 2’25, 4K video, sound 3 Ed. + 1 A.P

The video performance work ‘How To Destroy an Artwork’ (2021) takes roots in Gözde Mimiko Türkkan’s decision to destroy her old photography editions exhibited in various art institutions over the years. Facilitated by their reproducible nature, it is not unheard of that photography editions may be destroyed and reproduced in case of damage during their life cycle which consists of exhibiting, transporting, storing. However this cycle, which lasted more than ten years in regards to the editions seen in ‘How To Destroy an Artwork’, triggered a desire for self confrontation. The artist smashes, hammers and kicks her own photography editions on different occasions and she invites an audience to watch some of the performances. On one hand this act of destruction frees up physical and mental space; on the other it creates a relieving effect as much as it contains violence. This work which was initiated a few months prior to the coronavirus pandemic, turns into a catharsis as the frustration caused by the pandemic itself creeps in.

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Type: htdaa

innergy, 2019 – ongoing


2019 - Ongoing
2019 – Ongoing
Photography Prints on Archival Fine Art Paper
Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.

Mimiko Türkkan, who has photographed worlds of nightlife, sex and boxing, presents a new photographic series allusively representing women expressing the “uncanny energy”. Mimiko is interested in women who have “powers” and the artist develops, for this exhibition, a new concept: Innergy. She is looking for and pictures this inner energy that makes the power of women – and others.

I know who I am, I know the Other.
I know,
I remember;
The flux,
The being,
The flesh,
The ocean and the earth.

wish tree leftover notebooks, 2017


Wish Tree Leftover Notebooks
Limited Edition of 9

Wish Tree Leftover Notebooks consists of left over test prints of Gözde Türkkan’s Wish Tree series. Unable to throw them in the bin, we’d kept them for a possible future use. As part of Too Many Books‘ ‘Leftover Notebook’ series, these pages, along with an additional blank pages, are turned into a Leftover Notebook.”

View WISH TREE series.

void, 2006



Void, 0’59, 2006
Void was screened at !f Istanbul 2007 International Independent Films Festival.

milky, 2006



Milky, 2’28, 2006
Milky was screened at !f Istanbul 2007 International Independent Films Festival.

the pursuit within, 2007



The Pursuit Within, 2007, 4’30
Video / 3D Animation / Compositing: Gözde Türkkan
Audiotrack: Mercan Dede – Moya Alitu, courtesy of Mercan Dede
Lighting: Oğuz Yenen
Costume: Pınar Yiğitoğulları
Sakura: Çağla Camcıoğlu

The pursuit within is set in a dream-like cherry tree forest and narrates an unconscious and instinctive pursuit: the feminine part of an androgynous being, Sakura, is wandering in an immense forest and is guided by a red waistband which seems to extend forward her until infinity. She is being pulled to the other pole of the waistband but what awaits her is unbeknown: is it her male part or just a pursuit within her?
Even though the presence of the “male part”, Hosoge, is not cognizable, he has a major gravity.
This pursuit, which seems to take place in Sakura’s inner realm, is unconscious and conditioned, and it is guided by the instincts, revealing her substantial form: pure existence.

It is quite common that, from time to time, most human beings feel like something is missing, something very familiar yet unknown, something that once belonged to them; their missing half. Ancient greek philosopher Plato had a theory about the cause of this feeling of lack. Once humans were composed of two bodies inhabitting in one. As they dared challenging the gods, Zeus split them in two for punishment. Thenceforth each of them seeks its other half, its missing half. Some of those early humans were androgynes, half man half woman creatures.
Takeshi Kitano’s movie Dolls narrates a man and a woman tied to each other with a piece of red rope, wandering around, senseless, while seasons passes by.
Cherry trees (sakura) have always been a symbol of ephemeral beauty in Japan and cherry blossoms are an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.

Self-portrait as Joy (Bangkok), 2011


Self-portrait as Joy (Bangkok)
94 x 75 cm
C-Print on metallic paper
Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.

Self-portrait as Joy (Bangkok)  was first displayed at Full Art Prize exhibition in 2012, Istanbul/TR.

break, 2011


90 x 90 cm
Diasec-mounted C-Print
Editions of 5

Break  was first displayed at Contemporary Istanbul 2012 Art Fair, Istanbul/TR at The Empire Project booth.

untitled #1 & #2 (uncanny), 2006


Untitled #1 (Uncanny)
Untitled #2 (Uncanny)
56 x 70 cm
Archival Fine Art Print
Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.

Untitled #1 & Untitled #2  were first displayed at Tanıdık Rahatsızlıklar group exhibition in 2014 in Istanbul/TR.

Untitled #1 (Uncanny)
Untitled #2 (Uncanny)

untitled #3, 2005


Untitled #3
32 x 40 cm
Archival Fine Art Print
Edition of 3 + 1 A.P

Untitled #3  was first displayed at Tanıdık Rahatsızlıklar group exhibition in 2014 at Galeri Artist Çukurcuma, Istanbul/TR.

21, 2005


21 pieces of original Polaroid prints
Unique Edition

21  was first displayed at Contemporary Istanbul 2014 Art Fair, Istanbul, TR at The Empire Project booth.

strange & beautiful, 2000 – ongoing


2000 - Ongoing
Strange & Beautiful
2000 – Ongoing
This ongoing series is composed of images which have been captured since 2000 as I came together with my father, sister, and her mother who live in another city.
Strange & Beautiful series was initially displayed during Close Quarters exhibition at Istanbul Modern Museum in 2013 and produced in limited numbers. Visitors were invited to pick and take away a print each. The series was later shown at Landskrona Photo Festival‘s Focus: Turkey exhibition in 2014.

Family bonds; we are beautiful strangers in a web of resemblance.
Within reach; out of grasp.

Delicate & fragile bonds, though hard wired; strange, beautiful and close…
Strange and familiar as much as heartfelt due to proximity.

Things impossible to grasp;
like a person’s self,
like a moment,
like time passing by,
like siblings’ acute likeness,
like siblings’ acute unlikeness,
like two dots in space that get closer and closer but never meet,
like intimate distances between us and our family,
like growing up,
like growing old,
like past impressions,
like familiar scents,
like our temperament’s convergence with our parents’ as we grow old,
like falling into sleep,
like recurrent dreams,

What we are looking at here is the visualisation of this impossibility by the means of a medium that inherits and admits it.

These are traces of our union and reunions over the years as we grow. As we grow older…

now you see me, 2015 – ongoing


2015 - Ongoing
Now You See Me
2015 – Ongoing
5 Diasec-mounted Fine Art Prints & 1 Light Box Diptych
Editions of 3 + 1 A.P.

Building upon Gözde Mimiko Türkkan’s prior work on the politics of the body, Now You See Me series in a way is all too familiar. The re-enactment of amateur and amateur-looking porn videos, of the casting couch and “cam-girl” images shows us these young women who are trying to get a hold in this new environment through catering to a state of forced desirability. This need for acceptance by the conduit of desire and the related quest of the individual’s measure for self-worth provided by the acceptance one receives from the other is Türkkans’s proverbial tip of the hat to Lacan. The fact that the model in question in this ongoing series, is the artist herself, is trully Türkkan-esk.”

Text by İpek Çınar
Translated by Kerimcan Güleryüz



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Author: Dizifilms
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Mighty Mountains

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Dizifilms –

Serene Wedding


What We Did

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Author: Dizifilms
Author webpage:

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