Among the most striking videos of the fair is Mimiko Türkkan’s Earth Fight, projected in 4K. Mimiko Türkkan, an artist living and producing in Turkey, is participating in the fair with Analix Forever. “Earth Fight”, which was recently exhibited in the Waves of Intention exhibition at Pilot Gallery and the 10th Mediations Biennial, draws attention to the dystopian image of an entire ecosystem destroyed by the fires in the Aegean Region two years ago. It reflects on the damage caused by natural processes, profit-oriented decisions, human rights and excessive interventions in an attempt to restore the environment. It evaluates the situations that arise when climate emergencies are declared worldwide.

“Showing Earth Fight at the Loop allowed us to engage one-on-one with an audience interested in the video and with art professionals visiting the fair. Since the main theme of the work is about the forest fires that are unfortunately happening in many parts of the world, I internalised that I had made a work that established a direct communication channel with the audience through the ‘exchanges’ at Loop, and this was a great source of inner satisfaction. The fact that a work that was challenging for me and resulted in powerful feelings touched the different sensitivities of the audience from a wide range of backgrounds and that they shared their emotions with me face to face was a valuable experience that I can rarely experience in Turkey.” Gözde Mimiko Türkkan.