Barbara Polla ‘Les femmes d’aujourd’hui au regard des artistes’ (Today’s women in the eyes of artists)
Slatkine Editions, 2023, Preface by Maia Mazaurette, Image on the book cover by Shannon Plumb
A belated post about how deeply honoured I feel to be part of this book by Barbara published in April this year along with inspiring artists such as Dana Hoey, Eva Magyarosi, Caroline Tschumi, Isabelle Chapuis and many more🌈⚡️
Also featuring a wonderful portrait taken by dear Teri Erbeş 🙏🏽🩵
« They are fluid, they inhabit their bodies, they enjoy giving birth, they work, they box, they are erotic and mystical, they invent new couples, they bear witness to the horrors of the world, to this world that they are transforming, they are poetesses and fundamentally ambivalent. They are powerful, transmitters of power and sometimes they have, they are, grace. They create, create themselves and create the future. »
Does the way in which artists represent women today tell us about who we may be tomorrow? This is the hypothesis of Barbara Polla, who has looked at the works and questioned contemporary artists for several years. This book, she says, is written by the artists. And what do these works and artists selected by Barbara Polla, in all subjectivity, say about the women of the 2020s?
Tomorrow, perhaps, we will be free.